The best way to work with libpd is to check it out from our GitHub repository. We use a GitHub organization page to keep everything organized:

The main libpd library is adaptable for use with any language that can support native code. Example projects for IDEs like XCode and Eclipse, and example code for languages like C, Java, Objective-C, and Python (including PyGame) are included to help get you started.

We also maintain branches with additional conveniences for mobile applications on iOS and Android:

Peter Brinkmann maintains useful libraries for implementing MIDI over Bluetooth on Android, connecting Java applications to JACK for flexible, low-latency sound on multiple operating systems, and resources for his book at his own GitHub repository:

If you want to learn more about Git, GitHub offers free training, as well as useful help documentation friendly to beginners.

Because libpd is Pure Data, you should also grab a copy of Pd through your favorite Linux distro or via:

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